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database connection and using in script


I have added DB related details in project settings -> database screen. It shows connection successful.

Now, I want to use that in my script to execute query, get result at script level and use it in next / further test steps.

Can you please help to share link / example for the same?

Thank you in advance.


Ketul Shah


  • I connect to SQL server and run a stored procedure to return the values I need. In this example I create a connection, call the Stored procedure, then clean up the response to a string I can use.

    This is setup as a Custom keyword so I can simply call it when needed. You could add a variable for the Stored Procedure name, if you have many different call to make.


    import groovy.sql.Sql //you need this

    def Useyourname()

    def configuration = [
    'dbInstance' : 'Server Name',
    'dbPort' : 1433,
    'dbName' : 'DBname',
    'dbUser' : 'username',
    'dbPass' : 'password'
    def sql = Sql.newInstance(
    "jdbc:sqlserver://${configuration.dbInstance}:${configuration.dbPort};" +
    "databaseName=" + configuration.dbName,
    configuration.dbUser, configuration.dbPass,

    new Sql(sql).call ("Sequence;")   //name of my stored proc
    def res = (sql.rows("select WebCallSequence from WebCallSequence;").toString())
    def numb = res.substring(res.lastIndexOf(":") + 1)       //cleaning the return string
    def counter = (numb.substring(0, numb.length()-2))  //cleaning the return string
    return counter      //return the value

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