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Perfecto Integration


i noticed there is no integration with Perfecto cloud. but is there any work around to integrate with Perfecto cloud and use the devices through Katalon?


  • Hi there,

    I believe Perfecto cloud provide you the ability to connect through devices using its capabilities. So in that case, you can refer to this topic for similar guide: https://forum.katalon.com/questions/how-to-integrate-suace-lab-with-katalon/
  • Hi,

    i'm running it and getting the following error:

    "The mobile device is missing. Please select the mobile device to be executed and try again"


    I tried with giving the URL in Remote Web Server Settings, with and without login credentials in the URL but its still not working.



    please advise.


    i would also like to know if there is a way to check if there is a connection with Perfecto cloud before running the test cases
  • Hi there,

    You need to pass in capabilities from Perfecto device and add them in 'Remote' settings.
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