How to prevent from browser closing in test suite


when running a test suite, when a test case is completed, the browser is closing for the next test case to go on.

There is not any "close browser" action in any of my test cases.

Does anybody can help in order to prevent the browser from closing so I can compare the results of each test cases at the end ?


  • Please check for me if you've turned on the option 'Terminate drivers' from "Preferences -> Katalon -> Execution". If so please uncheck it

  • Hello Vinh,

    the option is unchecked and when I am executing a test suite, the browser is closing before the next test starts.

    This option works only when I have 1 test case in my test suite. When there are more than 1 test case, it behaves as described above.

    Do you confirm this behaviour of this is an error in the option ?


    Thank you for your help.
  • I'm having the same issue with Windows_64-5.2.01. The Execution option is removed in this version.
  • even I am facing same issue when i run through command line
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