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Recording Mouse Hover action

Hi can someone help me on recording the mouse hover action. When I Record my scripts Hover action is not recorded. I can modify Modify the script and use the built in mouseOver keyword but How to record it?


  • 'Mouse Hover' action can't be recorded during recording session as it doesn't know whether you mouse hover on an element or you click on it.
  • I am facing the same issue, can someone please suggest

  • I found a work around for this.

    I have followed the below video and created a test object manually by specifying the xpath of the link which I want the mover over action for and then added this object to my script and it worked (note for me drag and drop is not working so I typed the actiones manually.

    Sample: WebUI.mouseOver(findTestObject('[folder of the test object]/[newly created folder with the xpath]'))


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