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Confirm email received

Confirm email received

I have to confirm that an email was sent after specific events.

I can browse to gmail and fetch that way, but would prefer to use imap or rest api to do that.

Any help or direction will be appreciated


  • Automating GMAIL is not a good idea. GMAIL has updated their privacy policy. But still quite many users automate to retrieve mails. You may do it using Java mailx - Imap. In Katalon we need to add it as a custom keyword.

    Suggested approach would be using Mailinators unless the mail contains sensitive data. I usually use Mailinator for forgot passwords and to test notifications.
  • Thank you.


    Unfortunately it might contain sensitve info.

    javax.mail works like a charm.
  • Mailinator would delete emails for every 30 min or 120min. That should not be a problem
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    You can use gmail for testing purposes. You can use gmail account aliases to send unlimited emails to your gmail account. You can create a gmail account only for testing and then use it for all your testing. For example let me share with you this link


    Also I have setup a video tutorial just for this email confirmation automation

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