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How to Interact with File Upload Window


I\\'m trying to automate file attachment / file upload to gmail. While the rest of automation is working, the popup window to select file that needed to upload is not working. I already went through some file upload guide but still cannot get it done.

Please see this screenshot: http://ibb.co/dqUYUv

It works until step number 2. But then failed to select the file on step number 3.

Kindly please help


  • We can't access your link. Can you upload your screenshot again to other page such as https://prnt.sc/?
  • I use the Set text |imput_filename | path\nameoffile.doc
    The script looks like this
    WebUI.setText(findTestObject('Page_Edit Business Card/input_FileName'), 'U:\Resume of a Tester.doc')
    I had an issue finding the input object as Katalon didn't record it directly, I end up using Spyweb to find it.

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