Katalon Studio   Feature / Improvement Suggestions

Provide moveup/down feature in profiles (1)
Performance testing /Load testing (3)
Can Katalon provide a method to decrypt the encrypted string (1)
File Management Tool for Katalon Only (1)
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Email Template Documentation and Test Case Variables? (5)
Copy/Duplicate Test Cases into Another Katalon Project (7)
SOAP webservice limitation (1)
Verify a json node is present (7)
Install plugins offline (5)
Integration with Youtrack (3)
TestHooker should print full stack trace of Exception thrown by custom classes (3)
Rename the Object Name while recording the UI Elements (2)
Test Suite / Test Suite Collection to handle Warnings (1)
Opening Firefox with a Specific, non anonymous profile (18)
How to Execute Katalon Docker Image Run For Safari (1)
Suggest Katalon will support python (15)
Can Katalon integrate with Mantis? (6)
Multiple Testcase variables, GUI becomes sluggish (1)
Eclipse Project Explorer tab in Katalon Studio ( 2 ) (27)
Reuse Katalon Page Objects in another Katalon project (1)
Execution Profile should be reported in the Report.html and exported to PDF (3)
[feat][global profiles]Add buttons move up and move down (3)
Want to execute multiple test cases one by one in loop in test suite (9)
Call a testsuite inside a testcase? (3)
How to export test cases to csv/excel (6)
Default settings of the "Select Option By Value" keyword (3)
Lack of sorting and filtering (7)
Sending videos along with Email (1)
TestSuiteContext#getTimestamp() is wanted (6)