Katalon Studio   Feature / Improvement Suggestions

IDE background color change ( 2 3 4 ) (69)
How to install Katalon plugin in server, where there is no internet connection (5)
Katalon.ini should speciify -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 (9)
Dynamic CucumberOptions Tags (5)
Execute Test Cases inside of Test Suite in Parallel (12)
Mock Services (6)
Katalon Editor should support opening/editing of files (txt,excel,json etc) (4)
Can Katalon record Tests with CSS selectors rather than the default Xpath? (17)
Static Code Analysis Tool for katalon studio (1)
Add env variable to Slack integration (6)
Test suite update - Allow insert new test case next to the test case currently highlighted (4)
Issues in Katalon IDE (9)
Wait keyword real-time elapsed time feedback (9)
Is it possible to setup Katalon Analytics locally? ( 2 ) (27)
Modify CLI autoUpdateDrivers switch to prevent multiple downloads (1)
Performance, response time issue (1)
Test suite collection on Selenium Grid (1)
Organization of Custom Keywords within the Keywords Browser (1)
The Object Repository (and Recorder?) need a Rethink (7)
Saving multiple "Remote" browser settings (6)
Feature/Suggestion: Adding Before and After TestSuiteCollection methods in Listener (1)
Katalon Studio is taking a lot of memory in task manager (8)
There is Tasks view (1)
Add keyword for print variable value in report (4)
Suggestion: Resolve variable URL while clicking on Load from WSDL (1)
Suggestion: Basic Report Plugin to generate report in single file (1)
Recorder should match existing Objects my selector path (1)
Take Screenshot when execution failed takes a screenshot whenever a test step fails (2)
Parallel execution (8)
Global Implicit Wait / Retry (1)