Katalon Studio   Bug Reports

Not able to export TestSuite report to HTML ( 2 ) (27)
Suite Execution gets stuck during Report generation (5)
Script mode can become jumpy with large amounts of variables and statements (2)
Test case script, variables and setup / teardown methods (7)
Katalon command-line webbrowser proxy issues (1)
Running on an existing session use the profile in correctly (3)
Since Katalon v6.1.5 Test suite status is set to INCOMPLETE when all steps are succesfull (1)
Katalon 6.1.5 not generating console logs when we run it with cmd (2)
Unable to lauch Katalon studio (10)
Issue in exporting the report to PDF after upgrading to 6.1.5 (2)
Missing "Katalon" under Preferences (7)
Katalon crash on startup due to metadata (1)
Recording on existing TCs is bugged (8)
Unable to Open project in Katalon Studio (12)
Running tests using Sauce Connect Proxy doesn't work in Katalon 6.1.0+ (2)
"There are errors in the script. Please fix before executing." from comment (3)
Reload plugins not work as expected (8)
Unable to Export PDF (8)
Bug with keyword Execute JavaScript (9)
6.0.5 Renaming a profile variable changes references for others starting with same characters (4)
Unable to export reports in PDF (2)
Even if "Automatically check for new version" is unchecked - Check happens (7)
Mobile.scrolltotext sometimes work and not work (7)
[Bug] Katalon cannot start when using Git manually and Object Spy in the same session (1)
All Katalon Studio Saving Issues (was Unable to save part) (19)
Unable to open project from shared repository (9)
[Solved] After update 6.1.5-ab173825c -> 6.1.5 SWTException, Unable to open project (4)
Progress Information frame for Captured objects is never ending (2)
[BUG] Cannot download files in headless Chrome (1)
Collection execution trigger warning : execution process is already running, please wait (10)