Katalon Studio   Bug Reports

Web/Spy Recorder not recording steps in Chrome Incognito Mode (2)
Getting java.lang.NullPointerException when using TestData.getValue (4)
Search is not working if atleast one uppercase letter present in the search quesry (3)
HTML report not generating in the latest version 6.2.1 (9)
Web app - Chrome - File downloads do not work - When chrome capabilities set programatically (17)
API SOAP Dont display request message (1)
Katalon v6.3.0 - Unable to run BDD feature (2)
Browser load time is more than 2-3 mins to run the test cases (14)
Losing objects references when adding recorded steps (9)
Katalon Studio gets closed (2)
Fail to upload report with null point with 403 even file is found by Katalon (2)
Upload report from command line redirect to localhost and get connection refused (6)
Loading Project and Katalon Studio is stuck at "Generating Global Variables" ( 2 ) (21)
Unable to create an object (7)
UTF-8 SOAP Response not correctly displayed in right response window (8)
Version 6.2.0 - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.w3c.dom.ElementTraversal (5)
Export/Import Katalon Studio Preferences and Editor Settings (5)
6.2.1 Not Reloading ALL Plugins (3)
Problem related with "set text" in a field ( 2 ) (21)
6.2.1 container not loading tests in a test suite collection (3)
Katalon Studio Docker image tag 6.2.0 has little effect (1)
Progress Information frame for Captured objects is never ending (3)
Able to launch Edge but cannot pass the URL to the address bar (7)
Project broken when transfering from MacOS to Windows (7)
*** Does Step Into(F5) debugging work in Katalon ? *** (6)
Test suite collection not showing all run with options (6)
Unable to run testcases in EDGE browser (4)
Data driven test suites does not support multiple test cases using the data file (6)
Cannot generate test steps when starting recorder (5)