Katalon Studio   Bug Reports

Error: Unable to paste data. (5)
Object Spy unable to launch the web browser ( 2 ) (34)
-bash: ./katalon: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error (3)
Can't execute test suite collection (9)
Chrome issue: Unable to launch the web browser (4)
Screenshot on failure doesn't work - checked in Report settings (13)
Run test case with FireFox v65.0.2 dispaly error message (2)
Use IE11 to do web record, but only recorded 2 test cases steps, others not display. However the steps objects exist (2)
Keyword 'executeJavascript' does not exist on platform 'web' (12)
Ios-deploy quit unexpectedly or unknown server-side error (18)
Not able to run test with Edge 18.17763 (10)
Version 6.0.5: Local variables are disappearing if save button is not clicked before moving to another tab For example Script or Manual mode (4)
Cannot subscribe anymore to Katalon (6)
Log error messages no longer as detailed (17)
Script view for Profile variables is empty in 6.0.4 (8)
Katalon Code Failing in Jenkins but passing in Command Prompt (2)
Unable to launch the web browser (6)
Katalon Studio CLI not exiting at the end of test suite execution (1)
JIRA and Russian language (3)
6.0.5 Renaming a profile variable changes references for others starting with same characters (3)
[5.9.0] Getting a java.net.SocketException: Permission denied: connect after update ( 2 ) (23)
Katalon Code Failing in Jenkins but passing in Command Prompt (1)
"Sample JIRA UI Tests Project" fails (4)
Katalon Studio Video Recording Fails to Record Correct Screen(s) (3)
[6.0.x]Tests Explorer Search is not working (12)
Project setting Web UI execution delay time / speed for more than 0 sec is incorrect (3)
Issue in accessing the test case folder (2)
trouble create issue on jira (1)
Cannot open 2 instances of Katalon Studio having different projects (6)
Global variables are not working in script mode (3)