Katalon Studio   Bug Reports

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Errors exist in required projects (1)
Mail setup not working properly ( 2 ) (28)
Unable to launch multiple test cases in test Suite (Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-6.3.2 onwards till 6.3.4) (5)
Cucumber reports folder is not generating when run from Test runner class (2)
Katalon CSS/Xpath not working with SVG charts ( 2 ) (22)
Reports Folder is missing on new Version 6.3.2 (9)
Git Integration unclickable (4)
Browser won't Close automatically when calling another browser (Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-6.3.4) (10)
Suite test status always 'Incomplete' (5)
[API Testing] HTTP Body problem with Katalon 6.2.2 and linux (7)
Unable launching the test suite when one or more test case which mutliple data file involved (3)
Issue with version Katalon Studio 5.4.1 (Mac) and multiple macOS users (8)
Mobile Desired Capabilities newCommandTimeout get override again by katalon (1)
Katalon Analytic Errors (1)
Katalon Version (6.3.0) - Data Binding through script variable not working and giving Cannot cast String to TestData error for scripts working fine in version 6.2.2 (6)
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BUG! exception in phase ‘semantic analysis’ in source unit (18)
Log viewer selection is not working good (2)