Katalon Studio   Bug Reports

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Response frame and Request Message in blank - version 5.8.4 (3)
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Bug Reporting in Console (1)
Even if "Automatically check for new version" is unchecked - Check happens (6)
Can no longer change the values of local variables (11)
System.getProperty('user.dir') return wrong directory path (6)
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Test object with id 'Object Repository/' does not exist. (16)
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Cannot find elements when XPath expression is null ( 2 ) (22)
Return value of failed test case is null (3)
Unable to run testCase on Internet Explorer 11 (5)
Recording & Continue recording is STILL NOT working for Existing Projects in Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-5.10.1 (10)
Custom browser link broken after rename (1)
Web spy errors with browser (4)
[5.9.0] Getting a java.net.SocketException: Permission denied: connect after update ( 2 ) (22)
Double click is not working in a angular grid table (1)
API GET: Running in object repository Verify element is failed (TRUE result), but run in test case and test suite result is passed (False Result) (9)
"Sample JIRA UI Tests Project" fails (2)
projectPath argument missing when running from a properties file (3)
Crash upon startup due to metadata issue (3)
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