Katalon Studio   Bug Reports

KS 7.0.9 Crash - Terminate WebDriver processes (3)
Unable to launch multiple test cases in test Suite (Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-6.3.2 onwards till 6.3.4) (7)
Project cannot be built because of .git subdirectory inside Katalon project directory (1)
Cannot save Entity : file patch length limit exceeded error is received when trying to upload a swagger.json file (2)
Losing my open/close parens (9)
Bug in VietNamese font, please help (4)
All labels on the menu are the same (2)
When object has more than 13 properties the user cant scroll to get them (1)
Mobile Desired Capabilities newCommandTimeout get override again by katalon (2)
MacOS unable to activate/ register (6)
Custom Execution doesn't work for Android Devices (9)
Katalon Studio Crashes whenever deleting a huge chunk of Code (5)
Katalon subtitles appear for a few milliseconds (5)
Chrome not loading URL with basic auth (13)
Combination key press not working in windows application script (1)
Export/Import Katalon Studio Preferences and Editor Settings (8)
Katalon Studio 7.0.6 not work (4)
How to execute test cases in a test suite sequentially (1)
Navigate to browser redirecting incorrectly in V7.0 (9)
waitForElementPresent on latest Chrome crashes chromedriver (1)
Not sending an email when executing a test suite collection (8)
Browser do not navigated to URL many times in latest version 7.0.6 (3)
Unable to Open Project in Katalon 7.0.7 - Unmarshall Exception (3)
Content-Type application/xml not working in response of web service (1)
An error has occurred during installation in W10 (2)
Can`t delete or move objects from object repository (10)
error starting mobile test (3)
error in activation: Unable to locate secure storage module (6)
Email report don't contains the selected format of report file (7)
Test suite scenarios complete but marked INCOMPLETE (2)