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JSON schema validation broken after 5.9.0 (20)

We’re noticing that the ability to do JSON schema validation using using everit’s JSON validator referenced here appears to have broken sometime after 5.9.0. Error message when running the same script in v6.0.4 on: org…

Load from WSDL doesn't work: SSLHandshakeException (5)

Load from WSDL doesn’t work. I get an SSLHandshakeException. Details below. Here is the link to the WSDL I am trying to load: I am using Katalon Studio …

Object Paths are changed after using the Web Recorder (7)

I have the following structure in my object repo: Object Repo / Page1 / Input fields / [objects] When using the web recorder to record other stuff for a testcase it tries to save the old objects as new ones after closi…

Small issues with reporting and log viewer (7)

Hello Support, **OS **(Windows 8.1 64bit): Katalon Studio Version (Katalon Studio Version: 5.2.0 Build: 1) ## Katalon Studio logs: See attached ## Environment (for Web testing) Browser (Internet Explorer 11 & Chrome…

About the Bug Reports category (1)
[Custom Keyword] - WebUiCommonHelper.findWebElements() - does not switch to parent IFrame (4)

I am writing a custom keyword to verify a particular text is not present in the Grid in column X Following is the TestObject I have defined. XPATH = ‘//table[@id=‘tblMyDocumentsResults’]/tbody/tr/td[9]’ Object has Par…

Console Command needs a git pull to insure the latest changes are being tested (3)

I have been able to successfully run the console command to execute tests, however whenever I do a git pull then do the command it breaks katalon console with the following error Starting Groovy-Eclipse compiler resolve…

How to log issues/bugs effectively? (6)

For helping us quickly analyze and resolve the issues/bugs, it’s recommended to follow the below template as much as possible. Operating System (for example: Windows 10 or OSX Sierra) Katalon Studio Version Katalon St…

Spy Tool Bug After Update 5/20/2019 (6)
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PDF report crashing when execution fails (13)
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6.1.5 Modify "Run with" of a test in "Test suite collection" will reset Profile to " (2)
Not able to export TestSuite report to HTML ( 2 ) (27)
Suite Execution gets stuck during Report generation (5)
Script mode can become jumpy with large amounts of variables and statements (2)
Test case script, variables and setup / teardown methods (7)
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Running on an existing session use the profile in correctly (3)
Since Katalon v6.1.5 Test suite status is set to INCOMPLETE when all steps are succesfull (1)
Katalon 6.1.5 not generating console logs when we run it with cmd (2)
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Issue in exporting the report to PDF after upgrading to 6.1.5 (2)
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Katalon crash on startup due to metadata (1)
Recording on existing TCs is bugged (8)
Unable to Open project in Katalon Studio (12)