Katalon Recorder (Browser Extensions)   Feature / Improvement Suggestions

LastCommandOK support requested (1)
Remember configured speed (4)
Test action step by step (2)
Pause test suite execution on test case fail (1)
Selecting a test case should scroll to the beginning of the test. (1)
Katalon Recorder 'Base URL' feature. (1)
Saving too difficult (2)
Adding Screenshots to Katalon Analytics (1)
selenium IDE >>> KATALON recorder (2)
Read PDFs (1)
Best way to integrate: Katalon Recorder to my Test Repo (2)
Collapse Test Suites (1)
Integrated script katalon in server (2)
Recorder Move that only catches "User" actions (1)
Export scripts to Selenium2Library in Robot Framework (1)
Automatically insert assertions during recording (2)
Katalon should automatically kill WebDrivers when test case stops (2)
Custom locators (2)
Ignore errors if not successful (3)
Change default hotkey for Object Spy (2)
Loading values from a JSON file (9)
Able to pass the arugment as a username/password to the webdriver to open the browsers (1)
Data Driven testing improvements (1)
captureEntirePageScreenshot - entire page and option to save (1)
Open Firefox with specific Profile (not new, anonymous profile) (2)
Bugs and suggestions (9)
[Request] Add support for breakpoints pause/continue and comments in test cases. (11)
download plugin directly from page as zip package (1)
Katalon Recorder in Firefox Sidebar (1)
Location builder order (2)