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Hi, I have created a keyword to highlight testobject. Please tell me how to call this keyword globally in such a way that it should highlight testobject of each step during test case execution public class HighlightE…

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The year 2019 continues to witness the tremendous changes in technology and digital transformation, requiring organizations to constantly innovate and reinvent. To help you get ready for the game, Katalon and ToolsQA …

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We are using Katalon Studio 5.9.1 to automate about 100 tests for our AngularJS applications. We did not find much on the Internet about TeamCity Continuous Integration, so I am posting this here for feedback. There ar…

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If you find yourself saying something like the title of this post, take a deep breath and relax. Do that BEFORE you reach for the keyboard and BEFORE you start typing. Yes, there are some pretty smart people on this fo…

[Israel] [Meetup] Life is Honey on Mobile Test Automation [Events] (2)

Hi all, We’re excited to introduce the Meetup in Israel, hosted by Yoni Flenner - an Automation Instructor, Consultant, and Implementer with 13 years experience. Topic: LIFE IS A HONEY ON MOBILE TEST AUTOMATION Ti…

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