Install Katalon on Linux

Good afternoon,

I would like to install Katalon on Linux (Ubuntu 14). I've read it's unofficially supported, but where may I find the link? Thank you.


  • Alright, thank you. Are you planning to release a Linux version? Even a console mode would be perfect for us.
  • Good morning,
    You are not sure about it? I thought I would be possible since you asked the question:
    Hi there,
    Just want to ask a quick question what is the real purpose of using Linux version from your side? Do you want to use it as a COMPLETE IDE or just use it for execution through console mode (
  • Alright. I'll try it. Does it matter if I choose the Windows version or the MacOS version in the Linux environment?
  • Good afternoon, I would like to know if it's possible to run mobile tests on a Linux Machine with the console mode. It may be difficult, since I guess the device id is generated from the IDE...
    Or maybe there's a way of running mobile tests headlessly.

    Best regards.
  • Good afternoon,

    My need is to launch an execution of the tests from a Jenkins instance which is installed on a distant Linux machine. I do not need to launch the IDE on this Linux machine.
  • Shouldn't the MacOS version be easily portable to Linux?
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