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Is there a way to customize report email template?

  1. Email subject should be more descriptive for readability.
  2. Katalon branding is great, but it could be smaller and in footer area, leaving us with ability to customize the report header... once again for readability.



  • Have you find it? If yes can you share... Thanks

  • You can customize it in Project Settings - Email - Template.

  • Email customization is available from version 4.9 (Project Settings - Email - Template.), so you guys can give it a try from that version.

  • Hi, Im encountering this error even if I set the template to default.

    org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
    Script1.groovy: 23: unexpected token: < @ line 23, column 34.


    Script1.groovy: 23: unexpected token: > @ line 23, column 37.


    Katalon Studio
    Version: 4.8.0
    Build: 2

  • Hi, anyone can help me with the problem I posted?

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